The Best Conjunctivitis Treatments

Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually treated with eye drops that contain antibiotics. If it is viral or due to herpes however, the antibiotic eye drops will not work. This is because antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses. Most viral infections just have to run their course. There are over the counter eye drops and creams that can be used to help with some of the symptoms, such as inflammation, burning, and itching, whether it is bacterial or viral conjunctivitis.

Usually the symptoms will get worse for the first few days and then start to ease up. Viral conjunctivitis should clear up in two to three weeks. If not, a doctor should be seen to be sure it is not something else. There are also prescription eye drops that can be given by a doctor to help with the symptoms of both kinds of conjunctivitis. These include eye drops containing anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antihistamine and/or steroid medications.

All medications need to be used as prescribed and for the entire length of treatment prescribed. The wearing of contact lenses can have an effect on treatment. Contact lenses should be discarded as well as their carrying cases and any open bottles of solution. Infected contact lens wearers need to be sure that their conjunctivitis is completely gone before wearing contacts again. Symptoms of conjunctivitis can be treated by home remedies as well.

There are several soothing options to help combat the irritation and discomfort associated with conjunctivitis. This can be done with warm and cold compresses. Just take a sterile, lint free cloth and soak it in either hot or cold water. Wring out all the excess water and let the cloth sit on the eye(s) for ten minutes. This can stop the itching and lower the swelling which will help with the discomfort. Be sure not to rub the eyes because this will only make the symptoms worse.

Of course extra attention should be paid to personal hygiene and hand washing while infected. All towels and wash cloths used by an infected person need to be washed immediately. All surfaces they come in to contact with should be disinfected often as well. Also pillowcases and other bedding should be washed daily until infection clears completely. Any make-up that was being used should be thrown out and never shared with others.

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